The Greenwater Report for March 29, 2010

Saskatoon, Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28th, 2010:

Cold with a few snow flurries the first part of the week, moderating by mid-week, and gorgeous yesterday and today. The forecast calls for warm temperatures for the rest of the week, so March is definitely going out like a lamb.

Our feared late-March blizzard didn't turn into much – just a day or two of poor driving conditions and some icy streets. I didn't have to shovel off our patio – the snow melted by itself, which is the way I like it.

It wasn't a very busy week. We went to the Casino on Monday; had lunch there and did a little gambling. The Casino gave us some money to gamble with, and even after paying for our lunch, we each took a little Casino money home. Not much, mind – we're talking about a few bucks, but it makes us feel good to think we are ahead of the game. Lucille and I are getting Doreen trained to quit while she is ahead; an hour or so of gambling is enough for all three of us.

We were driving down Spadina the other day, and Doreen spotted a pelican – the first of the year. Of course, we got pretty excited, but when we checked a little closer, we realised it was perched on the edge of a bird bath, and it wasn't moving. It was made of cement.

After breakfast with our Sunseeker friends yesterday, we did a little shopping for dining room furniture. In our travels, we were pleased to run into John and Thora Fichtner, from Wynyard. They were friends of our kids back in the olden days.

Then we started out for Prairieland Park to attend the Home & Garden Show, but decided to have lunch at the Western Development Museum first. While there, we joined Jim and Jean Berg and had lunch with them.

Then, after lunch, we decided to have a look at a display of photos of old Saskatchewan buildings, mostly houses and barns, on loan from the Diefenbaker Centre. It was interesting, so we took our time. Then, it was right on the edge of the old cars, so we had to browse them for awhile, plus Boomtown. By then, we decided we had had enough excitement for one day, so we came home and vegged for the rest of the day.

I mentioned shopping for dining room furniture – we had quite a new table and chairs, but the table was a bit large for our dining room space, so we decided to see if we could sell it. We took a picture of it, and put an ad on Kijiji Thursday afternoon. We had a response that night, and the people came and got it at suppertime Friday. Just like that! It was so much fun that now we are looking around to see what else we could advertise.

We did go to the Home and Garden Show this afternoon. We picked up Lucille and brought her with us, too. I guess it was okay, but there sure weren't many flowers. I did get a shot of an orchid, but that's all. For some reason, I don't get excited looking at garden tractors and lawn mowers any more. Doreen gathers all sorts of information on how she should prepare her one-foot by three-foot planter which I have already told her to plant with stones. We stopped for some saskatoon berry pie with ice cream, then I went out to the car and did puzzles until the girls were finished.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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